Small Business Management & Marketing

working hand-in-hand with your team for strategic business growth

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What we do

peer action injects the skills you need to kickstart your business growth strategies


Exploring your governance model options and getting started with an advisory board.

 Business Planning

Identifying the opportunities and action steps towards sustained growth.

  General Management

Helping you with financial oversight, staffing and business strategy.

 Digital Marketing

Developing and implementing content driven digital marketing strategies to build awareness and generate demand.


Addressing the skills gaps across your core business functions.

  Sales Management

Establishing a productive sales practice, from strategy and process to team development and governance.

About Us

Annette Henry 

Annette is a successful entrepreneur and experienced company director with a career built on strong leadership, organisational and people management skills in the IT services sector.  A Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist, Annette combines business acumen and common sense, offering the insight gained from her experience in starting, growing and selling a successful IT business.

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Lois Jewell 

Lois brings the marketing and communications expertise that helps small business step-up their approach to business development when natural growth through word of mouth starts to fade.  With experience in business-to-business professional service markets, and a staunch belief in measurable, inbound marketing practices, Lois brings the breadth of experience across the marketing discipline needed for small business operations to grow.

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